The product is a granular kettle finings product that can be added directly to wort.

  • A traditional and natural product which removes substantial quantities of haze forming material without affecting head retention
  • Prolongs shelf life in small pack beers
  • Produces brighter worts, reducing the amount of finings required later
  • The most cost-effective route to kettle fining of worts

More info - Karagen



Magicol is a powdered isinglass that can be dissolved to make a ready-for-use isinglass solution for treatment of brewery conditioned beers.

  • A traditional and natural product
  • The most concentrated form of isinglass; lowest cost in use
  • Very long shelf life in comparison to other forms of isinglass
  • Dissolved product contains sulphur dioxide as a preservative

More info - Magicol 250AS



A preparation used to prevent chill haze of beer.

More info - Brewers Clarex info

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